GWR 1719 Churchward 3500 gallon

GWR 1719 Churchward 3500 gallon

GWR  1719 Churchward 3500 gallon
GWR 1719 Churchward 3500 gallon


Present Location Didcot
Designed For GWR
Type & Original Water Capacity Churchward 3500 gallon
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 7
Date First in Service 1907
Chassis Type Collett 3 axle
Wheelbase 7ft 6in + 7ft 6in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Tank Fitted Date 2015
Current Water Capacity (gallons) 3500
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 7
Scoop Fitted Yes
Allocated To 2999 GWR/GWS Saint class 4-6-0
First Number 1719
Present Number 1719
Owner Great Western Preservations Ltd
Status Operating
Notes Originally purchased from Woodham Bros, Barry with 7812 GWR Manor class 4-6-0 Sold in 1983 to the Great Western Society. Identity has been confirmed by the number 1719 found stamped on many parts. The original tender was built in 1907. During its GWR/BR life the original Churchward chassis was replaced with a Collett Chassis. During rebuilding from 2009-2017 only the Collett outer frames were retained from the chassis. Frame stretchers, front and rear drag boxes, rear buffer beam and tank are all new. Wheelsets, axleboxes, some brake components and other small items come from the original tender. It is therefore unlikely there is anything left of the 1907 tender. The tank is of flush riveted construction with some welding in the coal space and on the tank top. The tank was built up in situ on the chassis starting in 2013 and being completed apart from details in 2015. Short coal fenders and reduced height tank air vents are fitted in keeping with how the tender would have appeared in 1907, however Collett frames were not used on 3500 gallon tenders before the 1930s.
Locomotives used with this tender in preservation May 1966 Arrived at Woodham Bros Barry with 7812 GWR Manor class 4-6-0

May 1974 Left Woodham Bros, Barry with 7812 GWR Manor class 4-6-0

July 1978 - circa June 2009 Spare after GWR Collett 3000 gallon tender no. 3029 (q.v.) purchased for 7812. Purchased by Great Western Society in 1983 and later earmarked for use with the conversion of 4942 GWR Hall class to 2999 GWR Saint class 4-6-0

Circa early 2009 work started on rebuilding tender for use with 2999 GWR Saint class 4-6-0. Has remained with this loco since then.
Photo by Ben Scott
Photo Date 09/06/2019
Date Record Last Updated 05/01/2023

Sean Croshaw 15/09/2013
Sean Croshaw 15/09/2013



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