GWR 1805 Churchward 3500 gallon (scrapped)

GWR 1805 Churchward 3500 gallon (scrapped)

GWR  1805 Churchward 3500 gallon (scrapped)
GWR 1805 Churchward 3500 gallon (scrapped)


Present Location Scrapped
Designed For GWR
Type & Original Water Capacity Churchward 3500 gallon (scrapped)
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 7
Chassis Type Churchward 3 axle
Wheelbase 7ft 6in + 7ft 6in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Allocated To Scrapped
Present Number 1805
Status Other
Notes The tank of this tender was flush riveted. Purchased with GWR Dukedog number 9017 in 1960 from BR. The tank in particular was quickly found to be in very poor condition and circa 1963 (definitely by September 1963) another similar tender was purchased from BR. This latter tender, fitted with a snaphead riveted tank, is still with Dukedog 9017 and carries the number 1840 (q.v.). Tender 1805 was still in existence in July 1964 as one of these two tenders is known to have been used as a water carrier for steam locomotives involved in the lifting of the northern part of the Bluebell Railway. At some date after this it was scrapped.
Date Record Last Updated 18/08/2020

Collection Justin Edwards circa 1962
Collection Justin Edwards circa 1962



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