GWR Unknown Collett 4000 gallon (chassis only)

GWR Unknown Collett 4000 gallon (chassis only)

GWR  Unknown Collett 4000 gallon (chassis only)
GWR Unknown Collett 4000 gallon (chassis only)


Present Location Great Central
Designed For GWR
Type & Original Water Capacity Collett 4000 gallon (chassis only)
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 6
Chassis Type Collett 3 axle (later type)
Wheelbase 7ft 6in + 7ft 6in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Current Water Capacity (gallons) 4000
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 6
Scoop Fitted Yes
Allocated To 7027 GWR Castle class 4-6-0
Present Number Unknown
Status Under Restoration/Overhaul
Notes In departmental use at Swindon Works until the 1980's. Examination of the tender has found the number 2637 stamped on many parts, on some the 7 looks more like a 1 though the angle of the stroke suggests a possibly mis-stamped 7. The tank from this tender was sold to the Furness Railway Trust for use on the Collett chassis that will run with GWR Hall no. 4979. A new build Hawksworth 4000 gallon tank was purchased by a previous owner to be fitted to the chassis but it has never run in this condition. At present the Hawksworth tank is listed in a separate entry as Un numbered (tank only) Hawksworth 4000 gallon as it is not known if the Hawksworth tank will be fitted to this chassis or not.
Photo by Justin Edwards
Photo Date 11/09/2016
Date Record Last Updated 25/08/2021

Justin Edwards 11/9/2016
Justin Edwards 11/9/2016



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