GCR Unknown Robinson 4000 gallon

GCR Unknown Robinson 4000 gallon


Present Location Great Central
Designed For GCR
Type & Original Water Capacity Robinson 4000 gallon
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 6
Chassis Type Robinson 3 axle
Wheelbase 6ft 6in + 6ft 6in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Current Water Capacity (gallons) 4000
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 6
Allocated To 63601 GCR 8K (LNER O4) class 2-8-0
Present Number Unknown
Other numbers 150437 & 070840 (tank),
Owner National Railway Museum
Status Under Restoration/Overhaul
Notes This tender has the chassis from the original tender preserved with 63601 and a tank from another Robinson 4000 gallon tender that was built for the War Department in the First World War, was subsequently passed to the GWR and latterly was preserved on the West Somerset Railway. The current tank was fitted in 1999. It is not known what happened to the chassis from this tank. This tank and chassis were used as a sludge tank and before withdrawal was numbered ADW150437 and later internal user number 070840 when it was kept at Llandore depot. The locomotive record card lists the last tender with 63601 in BR service as number 6202 but Steam Railway Magazine reported that when restoration started it was found not to have vaccuum brakegear and therefore was unlikely to be this one. Further clarification on the history of the chassis of this tender is needed.
Date Record Last Updated 31/08/2020



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