SR 739 Maunsell 3500 gallon hybrid

SR 739 Maunsell 3500 gallon hybrid

SR  739 Maunsell 3500 gallon hybrid
SR 739 Maunsell 3500 gallon hybrid


Present Location Swanage
Designed For SR
Type & Original Water Capacity Maunsell 3500 gallon hybrid
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 5
Chassis Type Maunsell Eastleigh 3 axle
Wheelbase 6ft 6in + 6ft 6in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Tank Fitted Date 2017
Current Water Capacity (gallons) 3500
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 5
Scoop Fitted Never Fitted
Allocated To Unallocated
First Number 739
Present Number 739
Other numbers ADS70224
Status Other
Notes The chassis of this tender was originally built with a 4000 gallon tank. The tender was converted to a snowplough in 1964 and numbered ADS70224. Delivered to the Bluebell Railway in 1991 it was intended to be used as a basis for a Bulleid tender to run with SR Battle of Britain class no. 34072. The tank and concrete ballast inside were removed in 1992 but in the end relatively few parts were used for the Bulleid tender, mainly the axleboxes and bearings.The chassis was sold circa 1994 and transferred to the Mid Hants Railway where the chassis was restored. A new 4000 gallon tank was built with the intention that it would run with SR U class no 31625. (This tank is currently listed in its own right in the Tender Register as Maunsell 4000 gallon (Tank only)). However the restoration of this tender was never completed and 31625 ran with another tender. In 2017 the tank from Maunsell 3500 gallon tender no.3011 was transferred to the chassis of 739 (the tank itself was built in the late 1980s by Plenty Ltd of Newbury). The combination of 3500 gallon tank and Maunsell Eastleigh 3 axle chassis was never used by the SR or BR. The tender ran with SR U class 2-6-0 no. 31806 from circa Summer 2017-circa March 2019. 31806 is currently underoverhaul and it is not known whether it will run with this tender or Maunsell 4000 gallon no. 882 when it returns to traffic. No number is carried on the tender and the identity is based on its previous number prior to conversion to a snowplough.
Locomotives used with this tender in preservation November 1964 Converted to snowplough ADS70224

March 1990 Withdrawn from service as a snowplough

1991-circa1994 Stored as a dismantled chassis

circa1994 Chassis restored

circa1994-2017 Stored

2017-circa March 2019 31806 SR U class 2-6-0

Feb 2021 Picture in Steam Railway magazine Mar 2021 of this tender with 31806 still under repair at Norden
Photo by 04/08/2019 Justin Edwards
Date Record Last Updated 01/06/2021

09/06/2019 Justin Edwards
09/06/2019 Justin Edwards

04/08/2019 Justin Edwards
04/08/2019 Justin Edwards



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