GER Unknown Holden 3700 gallon

GER Unknown Holden 3700 gallon


Present Location Sheffield
Designed For GER
Type & Original Water Capacity Holden 3700 gallon
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 4
Chassis Type Holden 12' equal wheelbase
Wheelbase 6ft 0in + 6ft 0in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Current Water Capacity (gallons) 0
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 0
Allocated To Unallocated
First Number Unknown
Present Number Unknown
Owner B17 Steam Locomotive Trust
Status Awaiting Restoration/Overhaul
Notes This tender had a GER large capacity tank before it was removed. These tanks were generally 3700 gallon though a small number were 3670 gallon. It is not actually known at present which tank this tender had. Tank has been removed,chassis only. To be restored for use with new build LNER B17 class 4-6-0
Date Record Last Updated 22/10/2020



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