BR 1519 BR1G 5000 gallon

BR 1519 BR1G 5000 gallon

BR  1519 BR1G 5000 gallon
BR 1519 BR1G 5000 gallon


Present Location Great Central
Designed For BR
Type & Original Water Capacity BR1G 5000 gallon
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 7
Chassis Type BR1 3 axle
Wheelbase 7ft 0in + 7ft 0in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Current Water Capacity (gallons) 5000
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 7
Allocated To 92214 BR 9F 2-10-0
First Number Unknown
Present Number 1519
Owner David Clarke Railway Trust
Status Operating
Notes The true identity of this tender is not clear at present. It arrived at Woodham Bros, Barry attached to BR 9F class no. 92212. According to British Railways Standard Steam Locomotives Vol 4 the last tender attached to 92212 was BR1F no.1182 but it arrived at Barry with this BR1G tender. The number carried at present is the number of the last tender that 92214 is known to have been attached to in BR service.
Photo by Mike Haddon
Photo Date 14/04/2017
Date Record Last Updated 08/08/2023

5/10/2019 Mike Haddon
5/10/2019 Mike Haddon



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