GER 8572 Holden 3670 gallon

GER 8572 Holden 3670 gallon

GER  8572 Holden 3670 gallon
GER 8572 Holden 3670 gallon


Present Location North Norfolk
Designed For GER
Type & Original Water Capacity Holden 3670 gallon
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 4
Chassis Type Holden 12' equal wheelbase
Wheelbase 6ft 0in + 6ft 0in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Scoop Fitted No
Allocated To 8572 (61572) GER/LNER B12/3 class 4-6-0
First Number 8571
Present Number 8572
Owner M&GN Joint Railway Society
Status Operating
Notes B12 class 61572 was purchased for preservation with tender 8571 (not 8572) and is believed to still retain this tender. At present though the tender is numbered 8572. This is one of a batch of 20 built by Beyer Peacock. Whereas all other tenders built for GER 4-6-0's had 3700 gallon tanks the official figure for those built by Beyer Peacock was 3670 gallons. Tank replaced during overhaul c1992-1994. Scoop has been removed though handwheel mechanism to raise and lower scoop remains on footplate
Photo by Justin Edwards
Photo Date 27/05/2013
Date Record Last Updated 09/07/2021



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