SR 3273 Bulleid 5250 gallon

SR 3273 Bulleid 5250 gallon

SR  3273 Bulleid 5250 gallon
SR 3273 Bulleid 5250 gallon


Present Location Bluebell
Designed For SR
Type & Original Water Capacity Bulleid 5250 gallon
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 5
Chassis Build Date 1993
Chassis Type Bulleid Standard Frame 3 axle
Wheelbase 6ft 6in + 6ft 6in
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Tank Fitted Date 1993
Current Water Capacity (gallons) 5250
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 5
Scoop Fitted Never Fitted
Allocated To 34059 SR Rebuilt Battle of Britain class 4-6-2
Present Number 3273
Owner Battle of Britain Locomotive Group
Status Under Restoration/Overhaul
Notes The Bulleid 5250 gallon tank design was only used on 4 tenders when the Bulleid West Country and Battle of Britain class locos were in service with British Railways. On 3 tenders it replaced life expired 4500 gallon tanks and on the fourth replaced a 5500 gallon tank. The original tender number 3273 had its 4500 gallon tank replaced with a 5250 gallon tank in Mar 1960, it ran from 1954 to withdrawal attached to SR Rebuilt Battle of Britain 4-6-2 number 34059. Loco and tender were then sold to Woodham Bros at Barry as scrap. The tender was either cut up or, more likely, sold to a steel works so the frames could be used as an ingot carrier. The present tender number 3273 incorporates a few parts from original Bulleid chassis number 3254 but the remainder of it is a preservation era new build. It differs from the original 5250 gallon tenders in having two ladders at the rear and a central water filler. The original 5250 gallon tenders had a single central ladder at the rear and two water fillers, one on each side.
Photo by Mike Haddon
Photo Date 28/07/2011
Date Record Last Updated 04/10/2020



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